Mercado Santa Catalina 127/131
07013 - Palma de Mallorca
Baleares - España
Dany & Salvador
Teléfono, fax y contestador
 00 34 971 287167  
Mobil 00 34 686906974
ENGLISH SPOKEN                                                     ON PARLE FRANÇAIS
Frutas Ramón
n'existe que à Palma de Majorque
et nulle autre part..
 -  To have the best quality and the best service, we wish you would take care of these requirements
      To order a sufficient quantity for delivering, because we offer it free.
      To order any kind of fruit and vegetables, not only what is missing you after having gone to buy to another place for these following reasons:
1- We have the best prices in Baleares for the same quality.
2- We take the risk to have the best for you, delicate, exceptional, especial and expensive staff, like berries, herbs, baby vegetables, and exotic fruits.
All this staff is very often not remunerative, is why supermarkets don't sell them, because it makes them loose money.
3- The best quality is very rare, then it is not fair to give these goods to the people who just buy a certain kind of things, because after we have not enough quality staff for our faithfull customers .
4- To get the best quality and selection of fruit and vegetables, that makes our work harder and increase our comercial risk, to compensate it, we need to have a complete order.
Hoping you will understand those reasons, and acting this good way, sure you will be the best served in the Mediterranean area.
      Dany and Salvador.